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Web development is a huge topic - both in scope and popularity. It is often divided into 'front end' development (focusing on the presentation of the site), and 'back end' development (focusing on the infrastructure of the site). Many website owners and product managers would not class themselves as web developers but are still able to use front end or back end languages to varying degrees.

6 March 2024
ACF escaping unsafe HTML - how to identify affected pages

If ACF is showing a notice in WordPress about escaping unsafe HTML, you'll want to know what pages are affected and how.

28 July 2023
Using the Ko-fi button? Here's a version that keeps PageSpeed Insights happy

Ko-fi's embeddable button triggers a warning in Google's PageSpeed Insights. Here's an alternative version that fixes the issue.

29 January 2023
How to pause or freeze point scoring in GamiPress

Although there isn't an option to pause or freeze GamiPress, the same effect can be achieved by disabling all the Points Awards.

8 January 2023
WordPress 'Additional CSS' suddenly disappeared? This might be why

If your Additional CSS has suddenly disappeared from the WordPress Theme Customizer, then your new child theme might be to blame.

18 November 2020
Using Oxygen's Conditions to hide an element on your WordPress homepage

There's no 'homepage' condition in Oxygen as such, so how do you selectively show or hide an element on your WordPress homepage?

8 March 2020
Comment replies not working on your WordPress Oxygen website? It could be Yoast removing replytocom

If your WordPress website is built with Oxygen, you may find that the 'Reply' link underneath comments is not working. Yoast SEO may be the cause...

2 November 2019
Embedding YouTube video with Oxygen WordPress sites (or, why is my video displaying at 500px max?)

If your WordPress theme does not define a Content Width, oEmbed videos default to 500px wide. Oxygen websites do not use themes, so default to this.

25 October 2019
Five reasons to have FTP access to your WordPress website

FTP access to your WordPress site can help you manage plugins and theme template files, get out of maintenance mode and more.

21 September 2019
How to show posts that are in BOTH of two categories on a WordPress search results page

What if you want to show only WordPress posts that are in both category A and category B (rather than either category A or category B)? That's possible...

1 August 2019
How to show posts from multiple WordPress categories on one search results page

With just a simple URL parameter, spin up a WordPress search results page that includes posts from two or more categories.

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