Python is a general-purpose programming language noted for its readability. Although first released in 1991, Python has gained popularity in recent years both among professional developers and hobbyists. The current version of Python is Python 3, with Python 2 officially discontinued in 2020.

People who use Python are known as Pythonistas, and Python code that closely follows the conventions of the language is called Pythonic.

13 September 2020
Exporting Twitter lists using Python

Is it possible to write a script in Python that uses the Twitter API to let users back up their Twitter lists? The answer is yes

22 August 2020
'ModuleNotFoundError' in Thonny - what it is and how to fix it

If you are learning Python and have moved to Thonny from a different IDE such as IDLE, you may hit a 'ModuleNotFoundError' error.

26 January 2020
Preparing for the PCEP exam with the 'Python Essentials Part 1' course

The Python Essentials Part 1 course is an excellent introduction to the Python language and preparation for the PCEP certification - here's what you need to know

12 January 2020
Calculating the mean average age of your users from Google Analytics demographic data (using Python)

Google Analytics collects age demographic data on your users. Can you use this to calculate the mean average age of your users?

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