Twitter is a social networking site, or 'micro-blogging' tool to use a term that seems to have fallen out of favour. It has 126 million daily users (according to figures from February 2019), around 10% the level that Facebook enjoys. Nonetheless it is an important part of the social media ecosystem and seems particularly beloved by journalists and anyone else who chooses to, or can only, express their thoughts in a limited number of characters. Which reminds me, follow Technically Product on Twitter @technicallyprod

25 November 2020
Twitter data archive download: how long does it take and what does it contain?

Twitter lets you 'download an archive of your data'. Here's how long Twitter takes to prepare the data export (and what's in it).

13 September 2020
Exporting Twitter lists using Python

Is it possible to write a script in Python that uses the Twitter API to let users back up their Twitter lists? The answer is yes

14 June 2020
How to find out your exact number of Twitter followers

If you have 10,000 followers or more, Twitter rounds your follower count to the nearest one hundred. Here's how to get an exact figure.

8 May 2020
#DadsCare or #DadScare? Avoiding ambiguity in hashtags

As soon as you adopt a hashtag, you lose control over its usage. Not just over who uses it, but how - including the case they put it in.

7 September 2019
Using a private list to declutter Twitter - especially handy for brand accounts

If you manage a Twitter account for a brand, you will know there are accounts you just have to follow. But that doesn't necessarily mean you want to see their tweets...

19 July 2019
Why you don't need thousands of followers to reach thousands of people on Twitter

On Twitter, you don't need a large following to get your message read by thousands of people. You can be a social media nonentity and achieve a huge 'reach'.

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