Knowing how users interact with your website can help you to see how well it is performing, and decide what changes to make in future to better achieve your goals. To do that you need to be able to collect data that is accurate and relevant, and then understand the story it is telling you. That, in layman's terms, is web analytics.

Analytics tools

Here are some of the analytics tools I use and write about:

11 April 2024
How to exclude a subdomain from GA4 (three ways)

How do you exclude a subdomain from your GA4 reporting? Here I look at three methods, including blocking triggers in GTM.

25 February 2024
How to filter Mixpanel reports by day of the week

Want to filter out days of the week from your Mixpanel insights report? Here's how to do it with a custom event property.

3 January 2024
Analysing screen resolutions in Mixpanel

Product analytics tool Mixpanel can help you understand what screen resolutions your users are using the most.

21 August 2023
Differentiating between Forminator forms in GA4 using Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Have more than Forminator form on your WordPress site? Here's how to differentiate between them in GA4 using Google Tag Manager.

2 August 2023
Building a segment to exclude internal traffic by IP address in Piwik PRO

Segments in Piwik PRO are a great way to temporarily exclude internal traffic from reports and dashboards, based on IP address.

4 June 2023
Using GTMSpy to spy on GA4

GTMSpy doesn't support GA4 tags, but in some cases it can still be used to get insights on whether a site uses GA4.

25 May 2023
How to display YouTube video published date in Looker Studio

Looker Studio's YouTube integration doesn't have a 'Date Published' field - but you can create one yourself. Here's how!

12 May 2023
Exporting a list of all your WordPress posts (with publication dates) using SQL

Don't be daunted by SQL - it's probably the easiest way to export a list of all the posts on your WordPress site, along with metadata such as publication date.

5 May 2023
How to tell if your users have your site open in multiple tabs at once

Do your users have your website open in more than one tab? Here's how to use a live analytics tool called GoSquared to find out.

19 July 2021
Using ARRAYFORMULA in your Google Sheets spreadsheet: why and how

The ARRAYFORMULA function in Google Sheets lets you perform the same operation on a range of cells without needing a formula in each cell.

James Clark
Hi! I'm James Clark and I'm a freelance web analyst from the UK. I'm here to help with your analytics, ad operations, and SEO issues.
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